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Brand new anti-wrinkle solution.


ANTI WRINKLE EYE CONTOUR is a unique gel-type cream that is absorbed deeply and quickly into the skin, delivering a deep moisturizing effect to the eyes contour, and constantly moisturizing the skin to relieve the wrinkles. Contains polyquaternium which is two times more moisturising fuction than hyaluronic acid and it has a similar structure to a protein that forms a cell membrane and has excellent biocompatibility and high hydrophilicity. Instantly removes wrinkles and improves the dark circles under the eyes. It will directly affect aged sagging eyelid to help forming vivid eye shape. This effect will last 12 hours by one time using.

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contour - Storyderm

  • Immediate wrinkle improvement effect

    Formation of vivid eye shape

    12 hours lasting effect from excellent hydrophilic property

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