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The perfect combination of fermentation science and snail.


Nourishing cream with a moisturing formula that penetrates deeply into the skin with the active ingredient due to the Osmocell Technology, unique technology of Storyderm. The mucin ingredient rich in snail mucus quickly calms the damaged skin, and heals the wound, and develops a self-renewal ability restoring the self-sustaining power of the skin. Rich mucin in snail mucus quickly calms damaged skin, heals wounds and improves self-renewal ability to restore itself. Galactomyces and phytosphingosine provide enough moisture to the skin and make skin tone clearer and clean.

Osmocell Snail Cream - Storyderm

  • Improvement of self-healing power from snail extract
    Clear and transparent skin of natural yeast
    Improvement of moist skin and skin texture

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