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Remove the wrinkle with Botox Patch, Microneedle melting down in your skin.


TIME PATCH (2 each, 5 packs) is an adhesive patch with hyaluronic acid spears that pierce the skin when applied. Acting as a delivery system to the active ingredients, these are to be worn no less than 3 hours - preferably overnight. These patches provide direct delivery of active ingredients to promote skin regeneration. They can be used around the eye area or anywhere else that you want to treat lines & wrinkles. The microneedles are made of crystallized hyaluronic acid, so the needles actually dissolve into your skin while delivering the active ingredients below the surface of the skin.

Time Patch - Storyderm

  • Contains botulinum toxin hybrid protein which is new material patented ingredient

    Fine micro needle penetrates into the skin without pain

    Direct delivery of active ingredients to promote skin regeneration

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